It isn’t an exaggeration when we claim that Krome is part of every pint or mug of beer that touches your lips.

As a manufacturer of a variety of beer brewing, beer dispensing and storage equipment with a strong worldwide presence, a loyal and ever growing customer base, it is but, inevitable that the beer you are enjoying has at some point been in or through a Krome product.

Designer draft beer dispensing tower sitting in a microbrewery or a pub,
Jockey box that is so easy to handle and apt for an outdoor picnic,
Party pump which is sure to be a super hit in the neighbourhood and among friends,
Mini Kegs carrying the golden brew from your favourite commercial or craft brewery,
Kegerator that maintains the temperature you prefer,
Keg couplers that keep beer flowing,
Kegerator conversion kits for the DIY folks,
Home brewing equipment for the adventurous,
…we make them all.

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